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How to Stop Your Dog from Digging by Monitoring?

Digging in dogs is extremely common. It is important to understand that your Dog is not digging to intentionally or spitefully ruin your lawn. There are numerous reasons which cause dogs to dig. To stop this issue you must first identify exactly what these motives are.

Why do Dogs Dig?

  • They are seeking amusement
  • They are looking for care
  • Imitating their master, could have seen you digging away from the backyard
  • Food Storage
  • Hunting Prey Could be Hunting little critters that live underground or in your backyard
  • Instinctively could be a breed of dog like a terrier where digging is bred into them
  • Digging a bunk to heat up, cool down or sleep. just as he would in the wild
  • lack of action and is only releasing energy

Stop Your Dog from Digging

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Once you have figured out what causes your dog to dig, the next step is to send him a clear and consistent message that it is improper as you would with any other unacceptable behaviour.  It is very important to catch him in the act so that your dog associates the negativity with his digging and look at this site Additionally here are some techniques that you can use to help control your dogs digging issues

  • Publish some of your dogs energy play with him, teach him a few tricks or games and play them with him as often as possible
  • Keep some interesting dog toys around your lawn, doggie ball, Kong toy stuffed with treats, etc.
  • Obedience train your dog that makes it easier to convey acceptable and unacceptable behavior
  • Confine your puppy when you cannot manage him, Kennel, crate, Safe area
  • Bury chicken wire where he generally digs, he won’t like is paws scratching against it this will also develop a negative association with grinding.
  • Monitor your dog, every time you catch him in the act, spray him with your hose or toss a tin can full of coins or stones or marbles not at, but in his direction negative association
  • Bury his poop in his digging area, Most dogs do not like this
  • If it’s a man and he is trying to dig under the fence trying to get out, he might be trying to get out in search of a partner. Neutering may solve this problem

The easiest way to solve most problems with your dog is appropriate obedience Training, that way your dog knows you and there’s absolutely no confusion to likes and dislikes. Dogs are extremely loyal, respectful and eager to please you. Give Then the opportunity

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