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Tioman and Rawa are the flawless islands only eight hours and seven hrs from Singapore. Rawa is the end of the week visitor location less well known among voyagers. Both are reachable from Singapore.

Explorers can get to Tioman in eight hours and Rawa can be reachable with in 7 hrs from Singapore.  Making a trip to these Islands bring such a delight and harmony. It is the supported for the honeymooners and naturally marries.

Let us see more insights regarding these ravishing islands here.

Travel through Ferry to Tioman:

Mersing or Tanjung Gemuk are the inside to start your ship excursion to Tioman from Singapore.  To visit Tioman from Singapore, it requests your six hours transport excursion to Mersing or Tanjung Gemuk and from that point you need to take a ship to Tioman.  The tioman resort ship venture starts from Mersing or Tanjung Gemuk. It can take 1.5 hrs to get to Tioman. It costs RM 35 for one way venture.  Every day it has three outings yet some time or another it cannot be feasible because of the tidal difficulties and absence of travelers. It can bring about dropping of the excursions.

Ship trip agencies:

Bluewater Express gives stunning ship rides to Tioman. On the off chance that you see the ship is packed, it is vastly improved to hang tight for the accompanying one.

Tanjung Gemuk ship terminal:

Explorers can get suppers, drink, beachwear things and outfits at the Tanjung Gemuk. You require to have Malaysian Ringgit arranged to do any shopping.

Making a trip to Rawa from Mersing:

Once at Mersing, you can likewise take a thirty-minute ship to Rawa. Rawa is a pristine island with shocking coastlines. It resembles Tioman however without the buying and commercialization.

There will be boisterous ship rides during the period of April and October. These are the pinnacle time in Rawa. In the slow time of year, you have just 1 or 2 ship trips.

The resort office is arranged at Jalan Abu Bakar in Mersing in which you can enlist your tickets for the ship trip.

Departure from Singapore to Tioman:

One more alternative is to take a 35-min airplane ride from Singapore. Berjaya Air costs $86 for single direction. Starting at now, advancements and arrangements are advertised.

Everyday outings/top time, and various times each week over the span of the storm season.

Best travel bundles:

Excursion offers giving vehicle and convenience can likewise be a decent choice on the off chance that you need to spare the difficulty of booking tickets independently.

three days and two evenings Tioman bundles start from $130, with straightforward settlement at Paya Seaside Resort.

Atmosphere and the best time to Visit:

Tioman and Rawa face a similar atmosphere as Singapore. Over the span of the day, the temperature will be 30°C and all through the night it will be 20°C which is the most reduced degree.

Blustery season starts from December till the finish of February when just not many explorer would visit these islands.

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