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Silica Gel Pouches for Drying Flowers and Foliage

Silica gel packets are Terrific alternatives to resist moisture that strikes your valuable possessions. As a result of their capacity to absorb moisture around 40 percent of the weight, the silica gel beads are used today in virtually every area of applications such as those in commercial and business operations.

The silica gel packets Today come in a variety of sizes to suit various requirements. Among the areas that are used is in drying flowers to be marketed as potpourri or as adornments. You can even use them in your home for preserving flowers that mean a lot for you, and that you do not use to throw off. Not only do the silica gel beads stop external moisture from attacking the flowers, in addition, it brings out the moisture from the flowers into itself.

silica gel pouches

There are a few measures That you need to follow before using silica packets in drying flowers, petals and foliage. Follow them thoroughly to get the best results.

  • Trim Well – Always Trim the flowers you want to dry. It is advised that you keep just those blossoms, or petals which are fresh. Also cut off unwanted parts, which you feel would not fit in the container where you intend to keep the flowers for drying.
  • Place Silica Gel Packets In The Base – Before you put the flowers in the container, it is suggested that place a couple of silica gel beads in the base. This is to prevent the flowers from becoming flattened which would not provide the desired effect you wish for.
  • Put flowers in Upright Position – it is always great to set the flowers facing up, so that they stay exactly the exact same way when they are dried with the silica packs.
  • Microwave The Fresh Flowers – The next step is to microwave the new flowers in the container, with its lid closed. Do so until the flowers are sufficiently dry.
  • Permit Dry for 24 Hours – If you believe the flowers are brittle and dry, you can cover the lid of the container and allow the flowers lie inside with the silica gel sticks for the drying process to finish entirely.

You can then remove Them and use them according to your requirement – as potpourri, as keepsake or in a great vase. Go on and enjoy being a pro at drying flowers using silica gel pouches. You can reuse these packs after using them for this purpose.

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