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What are the essentials to transform song to get new sensation?

When songs are becoming the relaxation to lot more people, it is found to be great with number of process. So, people are getting more addicted to songs. In this case, music promotion is getting more essential as well. The transformation along the discovery of songs should include

  • Surely some song you have discovered through a cover of an unknown and thanks to that masterful interpretation, you have ended up in soundcloud going to its original version.
  • The theme of the cover may also be valid but I do not want to deviate from the duet although months ago, I wrote a post about how to make a cover.
  • Therefore, for a duet to be effective, I give you some tips:
  • That the invited voice is unknown but very peculiar.
  • Let the invited voice be a recognized artist in the industry.
  • Let the style of the invited voice be very different from yours. A well-conducted contrast is a guarantee of success.
  • Let everything be done from the feeling.

Show the single in different ways and versions

music promotion

  • In this section we will look for different ways to transform the original version.
  • With this we will get “baits” that draw the attention of the distracted and saturated fan so that through that peculiarity added to the work, discover the original song.
  • I give you some examples:
  • Record the song in 360.
  • Record a video playing the song with children who are studying at a music school.
  • Record the song with instruments created from debris.
  • So I could give you many more options but what I want is for you to understand the message.
  • In originality sometimes very surprising results are found.

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